Ben Affleck confirms that ‘The Flash’ has removed the appearance of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

In the days before the premiere of Shazam! The fury of the godsthe same Warner wanted to burst one of his surprises in the trailers: that is how many of us found out that gal gadot would reappear as Wonder Woman in the film of David F. Sandberg. It constituted a more significant cameo than usual due to the complicated situation of the character in DC today, since the new directive of James Gunn and peter safran quickly canceled the production of Wonder Woman 3.

Hence Gadot’s future as the character was thrown into uncertainty, and then it was rumored that DC had scrapped another upcoming cameo in Flash. the scene of Shazam! The fury of the gods (a film that, on the other hand, could have buried the character after a very disappointing reception) had led us to think that the company was rethinking the matter of Flashbut lo and behold Ben Affleck confirms it: in Flash there is no sign of Wonder Woman.

The studio has removed his scene. Affleck, that this 5th of April premieres his new work in front of and behind the cameras (air), interprets again in Flash to Batman, supposedly for the last time. Next to him, Wonder Woman or another member of the snyderverse as henry cavill in the role of Superman (man of steel 2 has also been cancelled), but finally, and from what we know, he is next to ezra miller the only remnant of the League of Justice.

Ben Affleck and James Gunn

Affleck has been interviewed on the podcast SmartLess that they carry Jason BatemanSean Hayes and Will Arnett. There he has not only confirmed that Warner Bros. has removed Gadot’s scene from the final cut of Flash, but also has briefly described it. “I don’t want to spoil it, but it was about a scene where Wonder Woman got me, or it saved me rather, during a showdown with a bunch of bad guys. she saved me with his lasso of truth”.

“And what would happen was Batman would throw some of his true feelings about life and work. It was meant to be a defining scene for Batman, but DC has blown it and now Affleck fears fans will be upset by this sort of anti-spoiler. Although neither Wonder Woman nor Superman will return, in Flash if they do it michael keaton (the Batman of the movies of Tim Burton) and the Zod that michael shannon incarnated for the man of steel. All thanks to the various timelines that the film will show.

Likewise, Flash will be the presentation of sasha street like Supergirl. Affleck is happy with how he has played Batman in this film, which after multiple problems due to Miller’s erratic behavior is heading to theaters with very good references. Directed by Andy Muschietti, Flash this is released July 16th.

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