Bernardo Silva sets a deadline for his arrival in Barcelona!

Bernardo Silva was one of the names of the summer. Because the leopard He asked again about the situation with the Portuguese, the fight between the Catalans and City began after the last two markets had already shown interest. Pep Guardiola He resisted Xavi’s attacks as best he could, but it seemed that the decision was always up to the player who had already set the deadline.

Joan Laporta This week he has the opportunity to make a serious offer and speed up the possible signing of a contract with Bernardo Silva. The player himself does not want to start the season without deciding his future and therefore, if Barca do not take a step forward, he will extend his contract with City. The Portuguese has always wanted to play in Barcelona, ​​but the difficult economic situation has handcuffed the coule managers, who have made player registration a priority.

Bernardo Silva celebrating a goal

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Bernardo Silva wants to know his future before the end of the week

Bernardo Silva tried to put pressure on Manchester City to facilitate his departure football club barcelona, but the relationship between the teams is not going through the best moment. After Xavi defeated Guardiola, convincingly Ilkay Gundogan, who until this summer was the captain of the Blues, the connection between the technical bodies has been lost. The recent Champions League champions have already lost a key figure in their starting line-up and don’t want to lose another one to the blue garnets.

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Joan Laporta He will try to close the registration for a while to be able to plan if there is enough space for the Portuguese to attack. Bernardo Silva followed the same plan as the previous season and never asked the club not to play until his future was decided. Also, in his last match, he was one of the best on the team, creating many offensive hazards despite falling against him. Arsenal on penalties in the FA Cup.

Bernardo Silva’s folder may be closed after the game in Getafe

Xavi’s men will start La Liga at the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum on Sunday at 21:30, when Laporta can say goodbye to the Portuguese. Manchester City start the Premier League against Burnley tomorrow and Bernardo Silva knows he will have to put on more stripes in Gundogan’s absence.

Guardiola continues to try to convince the G20 to continue following his orders, and so far he has managed to get him to issue an ultimatum. leopard. Joan Laporta He has a direct order from Xavi to try to play until the last moment, but City want 70 million, which they can’t expect from Barcelona. At the moment Bernardo Silva’s operation seems impossible, but if the culé board has taught us anything in recent markets, it’s that things can change from moment to moment, so some of the fans didn’t lose hope by signing with luso.

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