Bernardo Silva stays at Manchester

For the third summer in a row, someone has been knocking on the doors of the Manchester City Sports City to ask for Bernardo Silva. Barcelona was the one who insisted the mostalthough Atlético Madrid and more recently PSG and several Saudi Pro League clubs have joined the list of interests. The Portuguese has never made a secret of his desire to leave Manchester, to listen to offers, but in the end he will remain in the city in the north-west of England.

Bernardo, who had a contract until June 30, 2025, extended his commitment for another year. Had he fulfilled his contract, the Portuguese would have reached nine years of age as a sky blue footballer. The player who does not hide does not retreat, but above all the player who submits. His performances were regular and decisive. His importance was emphasized both by his teammates and by his coach, who would be pleased with Silva’s upgrade. No wonder the striker has scored over 100 goals (55 and 59 assists) in the 308 games he has played for City.

Ilkay G√ľndogan and Riyad Mahrez abandoned the Citizen discipline, starting a run that the Mancunian club managed to stop. First it was Walker, and now Bernardo accepts the extension offer. which City are presenting to maintain the structure of a team that has just won its first Champions League and is looking for its fourth successive Premier League this season.

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