Best TV series by Taylor Sheridan, creator of Yellowstone and SkyShowtime pitfall

When you dedicate yourself to a creative world like the audiovisual industry, the quality and popularity of every job you come across can vary greatly. However, some people seem to be “wand touched” and always or almost always succeed in everything they produce. Taylor Sheridan may be a complete stranger to us until we mention her work.

And we’re talking about none other than the father of Yellowstone, who has proven to be one of the most lucrative creative talents in recent years with some series reaping success after success.

A gripping storyline and faces known for their flawless work make the series that Taylor Sheridan releases instant hits that SkyShowtime, Paramount+ in the United States has no hesitation in taking advantage of.

Sheridan began his acting career by focusing on television. lines like Walker, Veronica Mars or Sons of Anarchy they counted on him for their supplies, to name but a few. But it was his leap into the creative realm where this North Carolina showed its worth.

Today at Hobby Consolas we will be reviewing Taylor Sheridan’s Best TV Series and Why He Became King Midas of the SkyShowtime Catalog.

Yellowstone: the jewel in the crown

Kevin Costner at Yellowstone


Although Taylor Sheridan previously worked comancherie or Sicario, this is a modern western that took the cat into the water and became the undisputed queen of its row.

Yellowstone and its five seasons have become the backbone of an expanding universe that revolves around the Earth. Yellowstone-Dutton Ranch, in Montana. Family led by Kevin Costner He will do his best to protect the land that has been in his family for over a century.

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There is no native reservation or corporation powerful enough to keep John Dutton and his sons in a predicament long enough to get away with it.

Kelly Reilly, Kelsey Chow, Wes Bentley, Danny Huston, Gil Birmingham, Cole Hauser, Ian Boen, Luke Grimes and Michael Nouri accompany Costner on this series, in which Taylor Sheridan himself had a small role.



The popularity of Yellowstone and the constant allusions to the past that are made in the main series prompted Taylor Sheridan to look into its first prequel: 1883.

This pure western takes us back more than a century to the days when the Dutton family never considered moving to Montana, but instead sought to cross the country in search of a new home.

But the uncivilized continent is a challenge that not everyone can face and emerge unscathed without the ghosts of the past or the dangers of the future taking their toll.

Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, Isabelle May, LaMonica Garrett, James Landry Hebert, Billy Bob Thornton, Faith Hill, Neil Kodinski, Pamela Mitchell and Jordan Walker Ross has discovered the rigors of traveling west, and every viewer who sees this marvel on SkyShowtime will be enchanted.

Do I need to watch the main series first? No, but it certainly helps to understand many of the nuances that we will see.

Mayor of Kingstown

Mayor of Kingstown

If you’re not a fan of Jeremy Renner, you can see Mayor of Kingstown in the SkyShowtime catalog and is not particularly striking.

Do yourself a favor and put these prejudices in a drawer. Mayor of Kingstown takes all the good stuff from shows like Sons of Anarchy or The Wire: bass listen and leads him to a notorious city surrounded by four prisons.

Best Suspense Series

In the midst of this prison hell is the “mayor”, the protector of the inmates, who does many favors to keep the balance of power on both sides of the law. But this is easier said than done.

Renner accompanied Kyle Chandler, Fiven Abera, Toby Bamtefa, Amanda Barker, Darlene Cook, Hugh Dillon, Charles Baker, Elizabeth Earhart and Taylor Handley. It’s a shame that a third season will take time after its main character’s horrific accident.



It may not have been clear to some yet that Taylor Sheridan is a magnet for talent. We are going to mention two main characters 1923Story by: Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. There are five Oscar nominations, one of which Mirren turned into a statue that stands in her home.

This is the second prequel to Yellowstone and takes place immediately after World War Iwhen Dutton’s ranch already had enough power to put on a real show in Montana.

But many were already brazenly challenging the family at a time when technology was changing the world faster than the world could get used to it. Terrible drought and invasion Banthis time a “Prohibition” sign for Dutton Ranch.

Ford and Mirren accompany them. Marley Shelton, Robert Patrick, Jennifer Ehle, Brian Geraghty, James Badge Dale, Jerome Flynn, Sebastian Roche and Darren Mann.

Tulsa King

Tulsa King

Do something about the bandits, Taylor? And Sheridan agrees, of course. Tulsa King might get you hooked with its main character, a certain Sylvester Stallone who did things like Rocky or Rambo. It sounds the same to you.

But you’ll stay to discover an extremely complete series that combines a fair amount of action, suspense, comedy and an extremely dedicated cast.

Sly gets one of his best recent jobs as a New York mob boss exiled to Oklahoma after 25 years in the shadows for a crime he didn’t commit. But now he has a chance to do something new in a city where no one opposes him… or maybe yes…

Andrea Savage, Martin Starr, Jay Will, Max Casella, Domenic Lombardozzi, Vincent Piazza, Alan S. Peterson, Garrett Hedlund and Dana Delaney They round out Sylvester Stallone in this series you shouldn’t miss on SkyShowtime.

Special Ops: Lioness

Zoe Saldana in the movie Lioness


We are ending a series that has not yet been released at the time of this writing, but is already showing signs: Special Ops: Lioness.

Taylor Sheridan’s modus operandi doesn’t change: the stellar cast is immersed in a spy thriller this time around.

A CIA operative must turn to the son of a terrorist group leader to take down the cell before it’s too late. Yes, there are 800 identical series, but now we are going with the distribution.

Zoe Saldana, Laysla De Oliveira, Michael Kelly, Morgan Freeman, Nicole Kidman, James Jordan, LaMonica Garrett, Dave Annable, Stephanie Noor and Austin Hebert They are at least enough to give him a chance to enter the series.

Next projects

Taylor Sheridan

Sheridan is a very busy guy who has shows like earth mana drama that revolves around the world of oil in Texas.

This is not forgetting two episodes of yellowstone universe is in development (sequel and spin-off), as well as second seasons of Tulsa King and 1923documentaries about the Yellowstone universe and third season of Mayor of Kingstown.

SkyShowtime catalog

Things as they are: If you love variety shows, Taylor Sheridan is the goose that lays the golden eggs. It’s normal that SkyShowtime is happy to see their best work in Catalog.

Do yourself a favor and try out the work of this all-in-one series creator that is becoming the benchmark in the industry.

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