Beyoncé showcased it all in a NUDE SUIT embellished with rhinestones.

Beyoncé dazzled again on her tour with a cheeky jumpsuit. (Video: Instagram/@beyonce)

If the race beyoncé in music has recently led her to become a style icon, views from his tour Renaissance They are the real coronation. At first tour In Stockholm, the artist surprises with bold bets on luxury in sheer brilliance, and now she’s unveiled her most daring wardrobe to date.

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Beyonce with transparencies

queen her fans called her, took to the stage in Atlanta, Georgia, with overalls very close to the body made in color naked which blended perfectly with her skin tone, creating visual effect of nudity.

Beyoncé dazzled in a nude jumpsuit in Atlanta. (Photo: Instagram/@beyonce)

In addition, the design is decorated shiny silver rhinestones arranged in spirals in strategic locations such as the area of ​​​​the chest, abdomen and the place where the panties will go. Details of the design can be seen in the singer’s Instagram post, where she showed herself front and back to show off the model in all her glory.

Beyoncé confirmed her sass at one of her latest shows. (Photo: Instagram/@beyonce)

Accessories, meanwhile, played a fundamental role, as they did in all his bets on the tour: he took shiny high heelsaccording to monoclothing, a matching silver necklace and a pair format sunglasses cat eye embellished with the same glitter appliqués.

Beyoncé completed her wardrobe with matching accessories. (Photo: Instagram/@beyonce)

Beyoncé breaks her head during her tour in looks from Valentino, Tiffany and Vuitton.

During her presentation in New Jersey, Beyoncé took the stage wearing a fuchsia color to match the colors of her dancers, created by Valentine, especially for this occasion, by the hands of its creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli.

This is a team from the Valentino Pink collection, consisting of deep slit sequin coat, matching bodysuits and tight high corsetsalso from sequinswhich have already become mandatory shoes in every dressing room.

Beyoncé as Valentino Barbiecore in sheer radiance. (Photo: Instagram/@maisonvalentino)

In Chicago, a translator honored her role as a Tiffany ambassador with blue mini dress that identifies the brand, created by designer Giles Deacon. it’s design fitted to the body with a V-neck, very short skirt and rubberized texture which was supplemented with a pair translucent gloves, matching stilettos with gemstone appliqués and an impressive sterling silver necklace with sequins and gemstone.

At one of her last shows, Beyoncé wore her full Tiffany look. (Photo: Instagram/@beyonce)

To go on stage in Detroit, Beyoncé chose overalls developed Pharrell Williams, the new creative director of the Louis Vuitton menswear line. The singer created the design black, gem-encrusted, with bee-shaped embellishments, an ode to the stellar spirit and refined craftsmanship of the House.

Beyonce look by Louis Vuitton. (Photo: Instagram/@beyonce)

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