Beyoncé’s co-worker accused of inappropriately “touching” her

The singer experienced an unpleasant moment during one of her concerts as part of a world tour.

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May 10 successful singer beyoncé started his world tour “Renaissance World Tour” with a series of concerts awaited by thousands of fans.

The artist began her performances in Sweden, and her last presentation is scheduled for October 1 at Kansas City.

Tuesday, August 1st beyoncé appeared in Gillette Stadium, Foxborough V Massachusettswhen he filmed a moment that sparked buzz on social media.

Getting out of the car, the star needed help, and several members of her team came to her aid. However, one of them had a strange attitude towards put your hand on the buttock About the singer.

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Everything was recorded on a video shared by a user “Daniel Janey” V tik takwhere it went viral with over two million views.

“And the hand?”, “I can’t believe he did it,” “Someone will be fired in Boston,” netizens wrote.

Before the controversial moment, the translator “put on handcuffs” He didn’t talk about it, but the fact is that his fans haven’t forgotten about it.

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