Billboard ensures that Shakira is one of the 6 ‘divas’ of music, along with Aretha Franklin and Cher

Shakira is listed as one of the 6 most iconic women in music according to Billboard

When Shakira said: “You left and I put on triple M, More good, tougher, more level, to return to you never, you are bad luck, because now the ‘blessing’ rains down on me‘I wasn’t lying! And it’s that after his break with the former Catalan soccer player, Gerard Piqué, the internationally recognized superstar who is gaining more fans and affection every day, has not stopped giving people something to talk about and in the best plan, because by way of growth, improvement and achievements since she left with ‘the rookie’, ‘la loba’ is now better and more beautiful than ever.

Shakira’s name and music is heard everywhere and in all languages, and despite cultural differences, everyone learns her lyrics and the faithful proof of that was The Tonight Show Starting Jimmy Fallonin which the Anglo-Saxon public was seen very happy and singing at the top of their lungs.

Aretha Franklin, Afro-descendant singer who revolutionized gospel and soul music / Shutterstock

During the night of March 10, and with great expectation of the North American program, the artist ‘exploded’ all formats both traditional and digital, since everyone was waiting for his long-awaited debut, the one who would make it for the first time sang live the new ‘anthem’ of those who have suffered lovelessness with this song, he has also just broken fourteen, if you read well, fourteen Guinness World Records with the young Argentine DJ Bizarrap, Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 that has gone around the world, currently ranked number nine in the Billboard Hot 100.

This single has turned artists with the most streamed Latin music title on Spotify in 24 hours accumulating the extraordinary figure of 14,393,324, with the most viewed on YouTube in 24 hours with 63,000,000 views, the fastest to reach 100 million views on YouTube, in just two days and approximately 22 hours, the most reproduced on Spotify in a week with the indicator of 80,646,962, among other milestones.

Cher is one of the most listened to artists in history EFE/Archive

According to some sources and to date, the businesswoman has also accumulated to the tune of today and on her own 17 Guinness World Records in total, and it is that the multifaceted artist returned to the stage at the top of the music industry and has not ceased to be a world trend since the beginning of 2023.

Recently, it was made known that the Colombian star has a very important factor that links him with legendary and iconic artists of international stature: Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Cher, Madonna and Beyoncethey who with the passage of time do not lose relevance or validity but quite the contrary, each time they gain more strength and become irreplaceable before the following generations and eventually, they end up being fans of musicians with whom they shared absolutely nothing, that it is partly what art should represent, a lasting feeling and/or thought that with the passage of time does not fade but instead generates bonds that last a lifetime.

Madonna remains current and in the musical fashion EFE/Franck Robichon/File

This news was released through some social networks in which the information has been spreading that she, like the previously mentioned artists, have managed to appear with a sum of multiple hits in the top 10 being over 40 years old, in the highly acclaimed list that anyone involved with the world of music would love to be on, the Billboard Hot 100. As if that weren’t enough, she is the only non-American female artist to achieve that achievement and all her fans are celebrating it.

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