Billie Eilish Debuts as an Actress in Prime Video’s ‘Swarm’

Singer Billie Eilish has stepped into the world of acting. In recent years, he has earned his fame through music with songs that were out of the ordinary. Now, he also wants to gain a foothold on the small screen through the platform of streaming, Prime Video. The Serie ‘Swarm‘ has been the perfect showcase for Billie to begin her steps in this world.

The ‘Swarm’ series is made up of seven chapters, and seeks to reach the public with a genre that is halfway between horror and comedy. The main character of this series is Andrea Green, played by actress Dominique Fishback. She is a twentysomething who is obsessed with a singer named Ni’jah. From this, she develops the entire plot.

The series, as they themselves say, is based on real events.. At the beginning of each episode they leave a message that reads “This is not a work of fiction. Any similarity to real people, living or dead, or real events is intentional.” With this, they want to make it clear that this miniseries is a reference to the situation that Beyoncé experienced on several occasions with one of her fans.

Regarding the character of billie eilish, represents a secondary character in the series. This character is a girl named Eva, who although she does not have much participation, is very important since it marks the beginning of Billie’s career as an actress. And it should not be overlooked that the young singer has managed to enter the world of platform streaming with only 21 years. We still do not know how the career of the already considered actress will advance, but what can be made clear is that this participation augurs a promising future for Billie Eilish.

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