Biris Norte blames council for signing Sergio Ramos

Signing Sergio Ramos for him Seville caused a wide variety of reactions among the fans, but the most anticipated was the reaction of the group Beeris North. In disagreement with the player, especially after his gestures to Gol Norte in the 2017 cup match, one day after his return was completed, they expressed their opinion in an official statement.

Seville Ultragroup expressed his disagreement with the signing, but he not only brought charges against the player, but also against the members of the board of directors who decided to sign Sergio Ramos. They appeal to Sevilla’s “memory and pride” and call “disrespect” “the values ​​that made us great, the symbols and legends that protected our coat of arms, and the thousands of Sevilla fans who suffered from the contempt for this player in the past.”

Yes indeed Biris Norte does not announce any group protest or animation strike due to the arrival of Sergio Ramos, who could have already made his debut in the game on the 16th against UD Las Palmas at Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán.

Sergio Ramos’ gesture towards the north gate of Sanchez Pizjuana on the day the sanction was issued (Photo: Kiko Hurtado).

Here is the statement of Biris:

Given the information that is spreading about our position regarding the signing of Sergio Ramos, we want to be clear on the following: the only authoritative voice of Biris Note is the one expressed in the stands and/or through our official channels. Any other source that claims to speak on our behalf or attributes statements or attitudes to us is false or malicious and is in the interests of others that are not ours. We reserve the right to communicate when and how we see fit.

As an ultra group of FC Sevilla for almost 50 years, we want to express our opposition to those who proposed this signing. We are not driven by hatred or resentment, but by love and pride for our club, its history and its fans. We believe that the very offer of this signing already implied a lack of respect for the values ​​that made us great, for the symbols and legends that protected our shield, and for the thousands of Sevilla fans who have suffered the scorn of this player in the past. . We believe that this signing is in the best interest of managers who do not understand and do not understand what makes Sevilla great and who only care about their own personal and/or financial interests. We are not like them and we will always be with Sevilla. but not those who stain it with their decisions.

We believe that Sevillians should have memory and pride, analyze the situation and draw their own conclusions. We as a group are very clear on this and while we know there are fewer of us every day who put our economic values ​​first, this is something Biris Norte is not discussed about.

This statement is directed primarily to the Board of Directors of Sevilla Football Club as we believe that with every decision we are moving further and further away from a model that respects our way of feeling the backboard. We say it again: dignity, values ​​and respect for the shield and the fans are the foundation on which an organization with more than a century of history must be maintained. We are tired of seeing the directors and major shareholders of FC Sevilla put their economic interests above what it really means to be a Sevilla fan, although to a certain extent we can understand this, since this is nothing more than their business, their funds to existence, but they don’t. They grew up with a real love for this club, but their association was inherited or bought in the form of shares.

We want to make it clear that, contrary to what many have said, we will not perform actions such as animation hits or insults against any player during matches on the part of Biris Norte. However, we cannot and should not support any action that violates the principles and dignity of Sevilla FC.

We also ask the rest of the people of Sevilla to know how to live up to what Sevilla FC stands for, both on this issue and others. In recent months, we have seen what these fans are capable of when they unite and fight in unison for Sevilla.

Let no one forget: Sevilla are us (ALL the fans), and not those who from the office cling to the chair in order to be able to continue to live at the expense of Sevilla FC.

Biris Norte’s statement after the return of Sergio Ramos.

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