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strange He is gaining more and more popularity and communicates with figures from all regions and countries. This time he did it with a Spanish actress Penelope Cruzwith whom he even posed for some of the photos she posted.

On this occasion, the Argentine had a rather special encounter with none other than the popular Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, who shared on social media some photos of a sweet moment in which she appears in the iconic “Biz” cap.

Bizarrap is one of the most successful Argentinean social media artists (Photo: gianlyfe/Instagram)


“Come on, Biza, blow up the track for me!” was the text that Penelope Cruz posted next to the photo gallery on her Instagram. For his part, Bizarrap replied that it was a pleasure to meet her.

It should be noted that Bizarrap came to Spain to promote his 56 music session, which he performed with Rauw Alejandro. In this context, his meeting with Penelope took place at a party in Madrid.

Similarly, in “BZRP Music Sessions #56”, Rau Alejandro mentions his relationship with Rosalia: “God bless her, she’s in another league. If you’re upset, I’ll give you rehab to get your figure in order.”.

The Argentine producer also collaborated with Featherweight and Arcángel on sessions 54 and 55 respectively.


Although the Argentine gained popularity through some of his sessions, such as with Nati Peluso and René Pérez, in January 2023 he reached the top with “Music Sessions No. 53”, in which Shakira made several allusions to her former partner Gerard Pique and his current girlfriend Clara Chia Marti.

Recall that in May 2023, Bizarrapa and Shakira were again shown together, which gave rise to rumors that they would launch a new collaboration.

Meanwhile, it is believed that another reason they posted the photo is to debunk rumors that they had a bad relationship.

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