Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon meet discreetly

apparently Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramonwho were captured together a few months ago, they keep dating causally and do not seek to formalize their relationship

The couple was seen in Europe this August and they enjoying his quality time together: “These two went through lots of time together this summerbecause it reallyThey enjoy each other’s company and are very interested in each other.“, – said a source close to them magazine. People. “It’s obvious to anyone who sees them together.”

We know it Ines de Ramonaccompanied Brad Pitt V recording his new film about Formula 1, before production was pause Because of the actors are on strike in Hollywood. Brad has property In the south of France And Agnes was journey visit him there.

We first saw them in public in November 2022 at the concert and by that time it is assumed that they already had see you for a few months

Brad and Inez in the new year 2023

Who is Ines de Ramon?

Ines de Ramon is jewelry designer. Currently working in Anita brand known for celebrities such as HAilee Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian and Mandy Moore love.

IN 2019 married Paul Wesleyformer protagonist The Vampire Diaries and after 4 years of marriage, in 2022, they quietly parted ways.

Brad Pitt Ines de Ramon
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