Brad Pitt presents the Vacheron Constantin 222 on the Formula 1 circuit

Brad Pitt He always had a good sense of taste, whether it was a Formula One racing suit, a plaid shirt or a green windbreaker, as he did this weekend at the Formula One British Grand Prix. Now if you don’t follow F1 and/or star High-speed train, you’re probably wondering why Pitt wore an F1 suit like Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. Answer: It’s for the movie. An Apple production, to be precise, directed by Joseph Kosinski and starring two (fictional) Formula One drivers, Sonny Hayes and Joshua Pearce. The second will be played by Damson Idris, and the first – Brad Pitt. In fact, the duo were present at the Silverstone circuit during the actual British Grand Prix to shoot scenes in real-life conditions, as the purpose of the film, whose working title is Apexshould be hyper-realistic. Certainly, Brad Pitt Not only did he film scenes from Apple’s feature film, but he also enjoyed the show.

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If you are a fan of watchmaking, this model will win you over.

Over the weekend, the 59-year-old actor strutted around the paddock, stands and grid in smart attire. With a slight inclination towards greenery, actor brad pitt On one occasion, he showed up wearing a green windbreaker over a green T-shirt, and on another occasion, he opted for a white-and-green checkered overshirt over a white T-shirt. It was on this day that we saw the actor’s precious watch. It’s about Vacheron Konstantin 222 — so named because it was released to commemorate the brand’s 222nd anniversary — which she already wore at the 2023 César Awards and on a trip to Sweden earlier this year.

Vacheron Constantin 222, the iconic watch

He Vacheron Konstantin 222designed by Jörg Heisek dates from 1977 and was revised in 2022. And, to the delight of watchmaking enthusiasts, this particular model, nicknamed “Jumbo” Brad Pitt last weekend. The watch in question is made of yellow gold, with a solid 37 mm barrel-shaped case, a fluted bezel and a gold dial. At the 5 o’clock position, the dial depicts the famous Maltese cross, the symbol of the brand. Vacheron Konstantin 1880. On the reverse, the case back is open to reveal the rotor of the caliber 2455/2 automatic movement with a 40-hour power reserve. The overall thickness of the case is 7.95 mm. Ultra thin watch.


Vacheron Constantin 222 Jumbo.

When it went on sale in 1977 Vacheron Konstantin 222 entered the circle luxury watch with steel bracelet integrated released in the 1970s, along with Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak (1972), Girard-Perregaux’s Laureato (1975)—some of the standout watches of 2023—and Patek Philippe’s Nautilus (1976). But no one really believed in the success of these watches, even when they were discontinued in 1985. 1,700 copies have been sold worldwide.

But, as sometimes happens in watchmaking, when a model is no longer produced, its value increases. So much so that in this case Vacheron Konstantin 222 yellow gold, which resumed production last year. Soon celebrities such as Michael B. Jordan and Brad Pitt they rushed for a piece, of course, for a substantial sum. Sold in 2022 for 78,000 euros, the watch is now worth 80,500 euros. Of course, this is an exceptional amount, but these watches take their rightful place in history of watchmaking.

Article originally published in GQ France.

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