Brady is gone, but Patrick Mahomes is; Raul Allegre analyzes the NFL season

The NFL is in safe hands. During season 22In films played in the 21st century, Tom Brady has established himself as a major figure. achieved feats on the grid of the historical stadium No. 12 is marked before and after in American football league.

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Fans and the NFL itself will miss the ultimate Super Bowl winner, but in the post-Brady era, there will be a new heir to the throne: Patrick Mahomes.

“There is always a changing of the guard in the NFL. Tom Brady was one of a kind, what he did is unprecedented. Be at this level for 20 years, play 10 Super Bowls. it’s incomprehensible. But the NFL has Patrick Mahomes, who is the face of the league, and then there’s Joe Burrow and Jalen Hurts. This is a league of constant renewal. As a player, I realized that we can all be replaced, no matter who you were or what you did. Someone will take your place, everything will be wrong but they are different and the public will get used to it,” commented Raul Allegre in a conversation with ESTO.

The former NFL player is one of the few two Mexicans who have won at least one Super Cup title, in his case the two, consolidating after retiring in the 90s as one of the TV analysts the most important American football in Latin America.


Allegre, who acted as a strikerColts, Giants and Jets envisages a very even campaign in which, although Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs are a prime contender for the title, he will have to maintain a level as part of an American conference, where he is threatened by several threats.

“It’s hard to say who will make it to the Super Bowl. Kansas City is the favorite, but there are a lot of teams in the AFC. with star guards. All of the favorites have question marks on their offensive lines and if a team doesn’t have a good line they can’t really compete. The National has San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas.. There are still many questions to be determined. Everyone has their weaknesses,” said Torreon native Coahuila.


Led by Andy Reed and Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs have won the Super Bowl three times in the past five years, replacing the Patriots. become the new dynasty of the NFL.
Raul Allegri makes it clear that all the great teams in history have had such outstanding coaches and generational protectors. This is the formula for success.

“What’s important is combination of coach and defenderThis is what makes the team superior and turns it into a dynasty. Tom Brady would never have been Tom Brady without the structure of Bill Belichick. Patrick Mahomes landed on his feet with Andy Reid a great coach who has now become a genius because Mahomes has come. When you combine a good generation QB with a great coach, you get something superior. The history of the NFL has shown that this is exactly the case, ”the analyst explained.


The quarterback position has evolved over the past few years. Not much left after Brady retired pins that remain behind the pocket. They currently use any space to run around and damage the ground.

Although the trend is changing, Raul Allegri believes that “classic defenders will never disappear. Joh Burrow, Justin Herbert has a classic style.; Patrick Mahomes is one of a kind, but we can’t compare him to Justin Fulds, Lamar Jackson or Jalen Hurts. We don’t have Brady or Peyton Manning-style quarterbacks anymore. Defenders who can read defense, accuracy and a strong competitive spirit will never leave.


The Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers are still the NFL clubs with the most fans in Mexico, even though they accumulated over a decade neither has won the Super Bowl title.

When Cowboys, the drought is close to 30 years old a situation they hope to change in 2023 thanks to Dak Prescott.

“Dallas lacks a running back. Tony Pollard is a good player, but he can’t take the penalty of position with 20 or 25 carries per game but they will probably have the best defense in the league and that will be enough to get them into the playoffs,” said Raul Allegre, referring to his old rival in the NFC East division.

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Regarding the Steelers and their ability to outsell in the campaign, he noted, “Pittsburgh, while they don’t give them a lot of options, they have the advantage.”great potential all around and that they will have six starting players Defense innovation. I think they are on the right track. They could end up being the dark horse of the season.”

Two NFL teams most popular among Mexican fans andThey urgently need a victory that will return them to the field of the greatness of the past.

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