Breaking stereotypes about aging

Today there are still stereotypes about this age group, whose experience, wisdom, joy are just as valuable as those of the rest of the family. Faced with this, and in celebration of Senior Citizens Day, adult diaper brand Kimberly-Clark, through Plenitud, points out which ones and how they can contribute to breaking down these prejudices or barriers:

  1. These are dependent people. It is erroneously believed that they cannot continue to be actively involved in volunteering or offering any services in order to survive. However, according to a report prepared by INEI in 2021, their share of the economically active population (PEA) is 53.8%, thus demonstrating that their experience and wisdom make them valuable resources for the professional world. Even in the workplace, it is recommended to have intergenerational mentoring programs in which older people can act as mentors to younger ones, thereby demonstrating the value they bring.
  • You must treat them like children. Older people are thought of on a daily basis as stubborn and headstrong people. However, like any other age group, they represent a wide range of personalities, so it would be unfair to conclude that everyone behaves the same way. One way to do your part to debunk this myth is to avoid overprotecting them to the point where they are minimized as humans; on the contrary, respectful communication must be maintained.
  • Urinary incontinence becomes an obstacle: Although the well-known “urinary leaks” appear more and more often over time, this is not synonymous with obstruction. In such situations, it is necessary to provide them with appropriate products, such as adult diapers. In this sense, Plenitud offers a wide portfolio of articles that are tailored to the needs of each individual. Thus, they will be able to live their daily life without any discomfort or difficulty.

“At Plenitud, we strongly believe that age does not define who we are or limit us in any way, and we are committed to eliminating these false claims that have plagued older people for decades. For this reason, we strive to empower our customers at every stage they go through, adapting to their new needs and challenges. In doing so, we challenge misconceptions and build a future that celebrates age in all its essence,” confirmed Sissi Reategui, FAC Adult Brand Manager.

“In addition, we have an initiative to recruit seniors for self-service positions in 24 Lima stores, with the goal of providing them with employment opportunities that would have been difficult for them to get before. In this way, we promote the importance of an active life and how important it is to manage inclusive communication in order to achieve a reality in which one can age with dignity,” concluded Reategui.

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