Britney Spears in Mexico!; ride in the desert and drive the internet users crazy

Britney Spears announced just a few weeks ago her divorce from Sam Asgari after a year of marriage. The couple married in June 2022 and separated on August 16. a fact that caused thousands of reactions among the followers of the pop princess.

Britney Spears herself spoke about her breakup via Instagram: “As everyone knows, Hyesam and I are no longer together… 6 years is a long time to be with someone, so I’m a little surprised, but… I’m not here to explain why, because, frankly, this it’s not my business! nobody!!!”, the singer wrote.

“But to be honest, I couldn’t take the pain anymore!!! Somehow telepathically I am receiving so many messages from friends that it melts in my heart and I thank you!!! Speras noted and added: “I’ve been playing hardball for too long and my Instagram may seem perfect, but that’s far from the truth and I think we all know that! I would like to show my emotions and tears about how I really feel, but for some reason. I always had to hide my weaknesses!!!”

Despite the recent breakup, the singer chose the path of calmness and was seen on vacation in Mexico. Besides, Through social networks, he shared a new tattoo made on the lower back.

Last Friday, a Toxic translator shared a video showing her wearing a white top with a yellow print and white shorts. The fact is that Spears was active on social networks and shared with her subscribers part of her vacation in Mexico.

“Just so you know girls!!! You are not defined by a phone or a rectangle in your hands !!! It’s always nice to stop and look around to see what’s going on!!! And there is always therapy!!!”, the pop princess wrote on her Instagram account.

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