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Then “… One more time babywas an immediate hit and the team quickly set to work on a decent video for the song.

Director Nigel Dick revealed on his official website that his original idea for the video was very different, but that Britney stuck to her idea of ​​making a video of her being trapped in a classroom thinking about boys.

Spears said rolling stones: “They had a really weird idea for a video clip, this animated Power Ranger thing. I said, “This is wrong. If you want it to get to four year olds then fine, but if you want to contact me age group you have to go in the other direction… “Then I had this idea of ​​where we are in school and we got bored.”

(By the way, the main love interest in the video was played by Spears’ cousin Chad Spears!)

Whose idea was it for the iconic school uniform Spears wore? Like the concept of the video, it all came to Brit’s mind.

“When we decided that we would shoot at school, the stylist asked me: “What do you think Britney should wear?” And I said, “Jeans, sneakers, T-shirt,” director Nigel Dick wrote on his website.

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