Bruno Fernandes will be the new captain of Manchester United.

Three years these are the ones that Bruno Fernandes took over the production of with the Manchester United captaincy. The Portuguese fell off his feet in the Red Devils after joining in the 2019/2020 season, reaping the benefits 8 goals and 7 assists in just 14 games. Since then, he has done nothing but grow as a playerdespite the ups and downs of the team, which also influenced him single performance.

Behind departure of Ole Gunnar SolskjaerEnglish team entered desert travel and football through which several wagons passed. It was coming there is a witchWhat did you do restore security and allowed to lay the foundations of the team thanks to climate of stability. However, last season was not the best for Bruno on a personal level.

Ex-Sporting Portugal got the worst numbers statistics since playing at Old Traford. However, the offensive environment despite doubts and rumors which arose on his way to Arabia, he is clear about it. He wants to be a Manchester United legend. He wants to catch up on the previous season and get more patches. An example of this is the fact that take on the captain’s armband in order to lead his people to the top.

Not all that glitters is gold

But when one enters, the other must exit. And in the case of the captaincy, who did it, MaguireAnd not in a very good way. The English Center confirmed in a statement that The coach of the “Red Devils” decided to remove the bracelet, transfer to another partner after three and a half years.

Harry Maguire in a Premier League match.

The British showed “really disappointed” with this decision, but he accepted it and said: “I am proud to lead a team like Manchester United. This success He wasn’t the only one associated with Harry Maguire., as the former Leicester is in the crosshairs of fans and members of the club. These last they placed it on the exit ramp.

In fact, over the past few days, legends like Rio Ferdinand warned the player that “If he doesn’t come out, he will be another youth international on the bench.” At the moment, the central defender is predisposed to continue knowing that he already knows from Ten hag that doesn’t count on him. Let’s see how this soap opera, which has so far ended with a change of captain, ends.

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