“But if women only bill, they no longer cry”

Yaco Eskenazi surprised with a comment after Shakira was seen crying in New York.

Yaco Eskenazi makes fun of Shakira.

After the former reality boy Yaco Eskenazi made it clear that Shakira’s latest songs have not been to his liking, during the “You are in all” program this Saturday he took the opportunity to make fun of the Colombian, who was seen crying in NY and captured by a paparazzi.

This situation occurred when natalie vertiz He decided to launch a report on the “Estás en todas” program, which involved the “Monotomía” singer. “Now let’s go with your best friend, Shakira”, Was what the host said to Yaco Eskenazi, her husband with whom she now works on television after Choca Mandros went to Spain to study.

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The host of “You are in all” natalie vertiz presented the note adding the following: “Recently she was questioned because she says she is billing, but she was caught in New York crying,” that’s when Yaco Eskenazi decided to dabble to mock.

“I don’t believe you, but if the women only invoice; They don’t cry anymore ”, was the first thing she said Yaco Eskenazi, making fun of Shakira; but that did not stop there because she added: “Women pay bills and they can also cry, why not?”

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Shakira is caught crying

Just a few days ago, Shakira was caught crying by a paparazzi during her stay in New York, which worried her followers. She came to introduce herself to Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show with the music producer bizarre and performed the popular ‘tiradera’ from ‘Music Sessions #53’ against Gerard. However, this situation generated more interest.

In the photos taken by the paparazzi, Shakira casually dressed in dark-toned clothes and also wore a cap, because, apparently, she wanted to go unnoticed by the public. press. Apparently, the Barranquillera would be going through a load of stress since she would still maintain ravages of the relationship she had with Gerard Piqué or because of the health situation his father is going through, according to some associates.

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