‘Buy me a brishito’, Lali launches her most anticipated song by fans

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The singer presents a very electro-pop video clip with a surprise guest.

The track began circulating on social media after his 30th birthday celebration and quickly became a viral hit, generating huge pressure from his fans for it to be officially released.

But it has not been until now that lali it has been decided to release it and the video of the song has the participation of the renowned Argentine chef Damián Betular, who performs some dance steps that have generated envy in many. With an electro-pop style that doesn’t disappoint, the single has quickly become a hit. on the YouTube platform, exceeding 220,000 visits in the first hours after its launch.

As Lali tells it, ‘Buy me a brishito’ is a very important song for her new album, since it was one of the first ones she composed for the album. The song belongs to the time of ‘Disciplina’ and he has searched for the perfect moment to release it since it defines the album a lot.

After the successes of ‘N5’ and ‘Disciplina’, and resuming the path she started with ‘Motiveishon’ in 2022, Lali continues to bet heavily on pop. The artist has been touring several countries with her “Disciplina Tour”, the fifth tour of her career, which has been the most popular so far, with full stadiums in all presentations.

On March 4, Lali will offer a concert at the Vélez stadium, which promises to be one of the most important of her career. The artist has achieved great success in Latin America and Spain, and has established herself as one of the most important pop stars in the region. With ‘Buy me a brishito’, Lali once again demonstrates her talent for creating catchy and fun songs that conquer her audience.

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