Call to get vaccinated against COVID-19, RSV and influenza – NBC Bay Area

The American Lung Association has urged residents to purchase COVID-19, flu and RSV vaccines before freezing temperatures hit.

The authorities are paying special attention to people who already have diseases such as asthma, heart disease and diabetes.

90% of people admitted to the hospital last year had an underlying condition similar to those mentioned above.

In 2022, about 58 thousand people died from the flu.

“Society thinks that vaccination protects you from infection, it does not protect you from infection, it protects you from serious illness. People need to understand that what causes serious illness, nasal congestion, pain, shortness of breath, is actually the immune system’s response to the environment, the immune system’s response to a virus,” said Jamie Rutland, spokesman for the American Lung Society. Association.

Experts say immunity has declined in people who were vaccinated against the flu, RSV or COVID-19 four to six months ago.

A new COVID-19 vaccine booster is expected to be ready within a few weeks.

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