Calm reigns in vulnerable areas, but they are preparing for the worst

Hours after Hurricane Franklin made landfall in the Dominican Republic, residents of vulnerable areas of Greater Santo Domingo remain calm but alert for potential incidents that this atmospheric event could cause.

In the El Dique area, located in the eastern zone, some houses are often flooded during the rainy season, as they are on the banks of the Ozama River, the flow of which increases due to rainfall.

“It suffers a lot here when the weather is like this, the banks of the houses are flooded and filled with water,” said Alfredo Matos, stressing that those who live in these houses also lose their dowry and equipment.

The area also generates rubbish piles that contribute to the spread of vector-borne diseases such as dengue fever, malaria and leptospirosis.

Matos noted that among the precautions he will take with his family in the wake of a thunderstorm is not going outside to avoid getting electrocuted or hit by a tree.

According to community member Anderson Ramirez, Santo Domingo Este City Hall (ASDE) conducted a surveillance operation to determine the condition of the area where people are living affected by the effects of the hurricane season.

He stated that often those who live on the banks of the river are not even given a plate of food and that they need to be transferred to churches and schools set up as shelters by the authorities to prevent loss of life.

preventive work

In other sectors near the Ozama River in Santo Domingo Este, such as Las Lilas and La Javila, Civil Defense has warned local residents to seek safety due to the imminent passage of Storm Franklin, which, as expected to reach the area this Tuesday night.

“Because we have some instructions, they are being followed so that people can stay in safe places,” said Brigido Brito, who belongs to Detachment 85 of the aforementioned rescue and security body.

Also, the president of the Ribera del Ozama district council said that they had already identified the places where the victims would be placed, but noted that the educational centers would be the last option that could be used.

He stressed that, as usual, some people living in risk areas have not yet left their homes, which he says they must leave because of the danger posed by the hurricane.

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