Cande Tinelli surprised his followers and placed an appliqué on his teeth

BUENOS AIRES-. In recent months, “dental bling” began to become fashionable, a rhinestone appliqué that is placed on the teeth, popularized by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus. Like every great fashionista, Cande Tinelli She is always attentive to the latest trends, which is why she decided to add this accessory to her repertoire.

In their stories of instagram, Cande Tinelli He showed his followers his new wall lamp, however, he seems not to have been very satisfied with the result. Far from complaining, the driver’s daughter preferred to make fun of herself and wrote: “Does it look like a piece of food? (the rhinestone)”. Alongside this question, she added two options for users to vote on: “Re (seems) / has flow.”

A couple of weeks ago Cande Tinelli was a guest panelist for THE Mand surprised by making powerful statements about his relationship with Guillermina Valdes, his father’s ex-partner. “I like people who are good for my old man, if you don’t see your parents or a relative well… It’s all good, it’s her life, but I never had much skin with her, like something, I don’t know, something energetic”, said the singer.

Cande Tinelli believes that Guillermina Valdés did her father no good

As to whether he believed that Guillermina Valdes he had wronged his father, Cande Tinelli He assured: “My old man is a very happy person, who loves to work and I feel that he stopped doing many things because of their relationship, because of her. I don’t blame her for that, because he’s big too, but he kind of cut little things for her. I felt that he was capable of not supporting him so much, I think he got into the program ”.

“What’s more, I think he was sworn to be there controlling. She mistrusted everyone and my old man is brave, but I told my dad that he wasn’t being funny, that he had lost his spark. She canceled it while sitting there, everything was much more careful. Likewise, it was a moment, I think that at first they were very good, very much in love and everything was great, ”she added forcefully Cande Tinelli.

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