Candidate looks at Rada Pácora (Caldas)

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Luis Alberto González, a student of Agricultural Business Administration, will be the candidate of the MIRA party for the Council of Pácora (Caldas).

What leaves virtuality

Manizales. Everything can be seen in virtual audiences. Last week left two curiosities. In one involving the attempted murder of a woman, the victim ate something and because she had the camera on, the judge told her that it couldn’t be done. He must have dropped the food. In another, all parties were linked except for one named for ordering the killing of another woman. And that she’s been notified and needs to be home, home. However, he did not answer either the Court or the defense lawyer. The Attorney General’s office has asked for an investigation. This generated a new postponement in the busy court schedule.


golden. Kiko Gómez, former governor of La Guajira, convicted of manslaughter, was transferred to La Picota prison from the Doña Juana prison in La Dorada, where he was held, but apparently there are no facilities there to deal with his many health problems.

The candidate looks at the Council

Pacor. MIRA’s candidate for the Council is a student of Agricultural Business Administration at the University of Caldas, Luis Alberto González Ocampo. This entrepreneur from the rural sector was included in the People on the Move list. He stated, “We started this political project with a vision of progress, unification and empowerment for the good of Pácora, without personal interests, we are motivated by service, honesty and integrity.” So far, MIRA has not won a seat on the Council. In the last election they got 381 votes.

they liked it

They liked Photo |  Taken from Instagram |  HOMELAND

photo | Taken from Instagram | HOMELAND

Manizales. Christian Pérez, candidate for En March’s Party Council, enjoyed him on social networks for a prank he made to himself since he posted a meme on his Instagram comparing him to Willy Wonka, a fictional character played by Johnny Depp, for his remarkable resemblance his glasses to the glasses of the film’s protagonist.

Yeison was enjoying himself on Boulevard 48

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Manizales. Popular music singer Yeison Jiménez from Manzanares visited Boulevard 48 on Tuesday. There he shared with Juan Pablo and Raúl, two people with Down syndrome who work at the Café Mágico Foundation – Luciana Tovar Gómez. Mayor Carlos Mario Marín and his wife Valentina Acevedo took advantage of the artist’s presence to show him around the work. “It’s cool to be here, what a cool thing to see such a beautiful city change,” Jiménez emphasized in a video Marín uploaded to his social networks.

He’s not on the Council anymore

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Manizales. Alexander Rodríguez, a councilor of the Green Alliance, confessed why he would not run for Manizales Council in this territorial election. “It’s a very hostile scenario, I want to rest.” He also added, “I am more in action and less in speech.” The corporation did not rule out the cooperation and support of the next city administration. Do you dream of being the head of culture?

Pay to be noticed

Manizales. This election season, there are many Facebook pages that call themselves media and even charge you to interview candidates for councils, mayors, assemblies and governors. We learned that there is one asking for $220,000 for a 15-minute live interview. At least that’s what they wanted from an aspiring councilor in Caldas Municipality.

he apologized to the guards

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Manizales. Daniel stood in front of Transit blue guards on Friday and appealed for harmony and mutual respect. “We all make mistakes, but it’s how we face these moments that defines us as Manizales. We want this act of apology to one of our traffic agents to inspire everyone, both authorities and citizens. be more tolerant and respectful,” officials said.

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