Cardi B compares her community service to a spiritual journey

Cardi B. He began 2023 appearing before a judge in a court in Queens, New York, after not having fulfilled the community service imposed on him in 2022. Now, this month he began to serve his sentence and has assured that he has It’s been like quite a spiritual journey.

Through her Twitter account, the rapper has reflected on this experience, the result of a trial that Cardi B had in New York, after she was found guilty of having committed destruction and a fight in a club striptease.

In it post He noted, “Community service is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” This has a duration of 15 days, in which he has to live with people who live in a vulnerable situation, for the same reason, he assured that, in the days that it has taken, his perspective on life has changed.

“It’s almost like a spiritual journey because sometimes I leave these centers crying. Those people we left behind just need someone to talk to, and a little push and you could change their life forever,” she said in reflecting on him.

The star has not published content about the community service she does, but the New York Police Academy has shared with the public part of the work that the famous does, for example, having a chat with a group of young women who have lived through difficult experiences .

The only thing that Cardi B showed her fans was that, to fulfill community service, she visited Chanel clothes.

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