Cardi B premieres her brand new ‘face-tatt’ in honor of her son Wave

Cardi B. has always been in the spotlight ever since her music career took off, and now she is making some changes to her face, adding some ink to it while teaming up with her husband Offset in a McDonald’s commercial.

i love my face tattoo‘ she claimed, and says she has no regrets about the tattoo she has on the left part of her jaw.

On Thursday, Cardi used Twitter to inform the world of her new tattoo of her son’s name and gave a close-up of how it looked.

Cardi B chose Robinson De Los Santos as his tattoo artist

Cardi who is also active on Instagram and Twitter shared the experience she had while getting the face tattoo by recording a video of her jaw being tattooed in rose copper.

In the short video, she is seen getting the tattoo representing her one-year-old. Offset on the other hand has multiple face tattoos.

‘Today’s work Cardi B,’ he captioned the video clip in Spanish.

And obviously, fans immediately chimed in

Cardi B fAns they are also very active on social media, and as soon as they heard the news of their queen getting her face tattooed they went both to support and disapprove her style choices.

‘OMG not a good move… I love cardi.B, trust.. NEVA the face takes away ya beauty….,’ one follower wrote.

Another one added, ‘Why, don’t mess up your face with tats your body ok but not the face.’

However, there were others who stood up for her and called out the haters’Her body her choice y’all buggin and what she doesn’t even affect your daily life.

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