Cardi B promises solo music ‘coming soon’ on Vogue Mexico cover

Cardi B graced the cover of Mexican Vogue and promises that a solo project will be released soon

The cover of the September issue of Vogue Mexico was graced by the Afro-Latino beauty Cardi B.

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Vogue México took to Instagram to reveal the cover and wrote, “You know her name, now it’s time for the story of a singer who wants to continue the tradition and write her own legend.”

The Grammy Award winner spoke to Vogue Mexico about her Caribbean roots, the challenges of being a woman in the rap industry, gaining recognition in the fashion industry and more.

“There are a lot of female rappers who are judged differently than they judge me.” I have no right to fail, I cannot lose. I think there has been a revolution in social media. Today people have become more sensitive, but also more cruel. When I started using the Internet, I was not particularly interested in the lives of artists, I did not want to cancel them, much less hate them or ruin their lives.

Cardi also revealed that the hate inspired her and her husband Offset to release their new single “Jealousy”.

“My husband and I wanted to write a song like this after the haters kept talking about us. There are many people who constantly tell us something, that they attack us all the time, and we wanted to take all this burden off our shoulders. We got really tired of replying to people on the Internet, and we decided to better translate it into music.”

The Bronx beauty also spoke at length about her solo projects and promised fans that she would not release any more collaborations. She said, “I’m not going to release any more collaborations, I’m going to release my next solo single. Right now I’m working on the cover and ideas for the next album because it’s definitely coming out. Everyone always tells me that I should release a record right now.”

Cardi understands that fans expect new music from her and adds that people always tell her to release a record now.

She added: “They did it when I released ‘WAP’ (with Megan T Stallion) and when I released ‘Up’, but I always let them know that I wasn’t going to wait long after all those singles. So stay tuned because it will be released very soon. I also have plans in the world of cinema. In fact, I have plans to do as much as I can: fashion, branding… I want to do it all, honey.”

The New York native is of Dominican descent and said growing up in a Caribbean family helped her develop her musical ear. She now prefers to use classical influences in her music.

“Mexican music has been an important part of my life. I love Ana Gabriel, Luis Miguel, Rocío Dúrcal, who is not Mexican but is practically an icon of Mexican music. These are the artists that I love and adore,” said the mother of two children. “When I was little, I watched a lot of Mexican telenovelas and learned about love from them,” she says.

“Mexican music and TV has really influenced me and many people throughout my life. I like Featherweight, but if I had to write a song like that, of course it would be an Ana Gabriel song. Actually, when this cover comes out, I’m going to make a live video and sing Ana Gabrielle’s song. Lo, prometo.”

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