Cargo pants are the new jeans this season. Signed: Emilia Ratajkowski

Going back to the decades of the 90s and 2000s has been a general trend in the fashion industry for several seasons. Branded shoulder pads, suspenders Spaghetti and shoes cowboy They coexist in parades and on the streets with the most futuristic designs and it no longer surprises us when on the catwalks we see denim jumpsuit most two-thousander as in the case Isabella Marantor robots accompanying the models as in the last one To show With copernicus. Potpourri of trends that combine the best of the past and the future in the most interesting present.

With this assumption and like Jennifer Aniston in the 90s it was treated Emily Ratajkowski she was seen walking her dog in New York in a perfect uniform year 2000: low rise cargo pants, sleeveless white viral XL glasses from miu miu and a black hat with a characteristic monogram gucci. He even wears what looks like a half “friendship necklace”. Yes, those matching accessories you shared with your best friend and shared a common theme are Brand Jacobs brought back thanks Sky -Your inspiration collection nineties-. And that is that supermodel knows how to stay ahead of trends (even if it sometimes means going back several decades) and almost unknowingly laid the groundwork for one of fall’s key garments: the pants will be cargo or they won’t be.

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But it’s not the first time we’re talking about this trend; Trousers of this type have been reigning at the exhibitions of all stores for several years boutiques, and it looks like they’ll be back stomping harder than ever this fall. This is what the major fashion companies wanted, which elevated the cargo style – traditionally mountaineering – to the category of luxury clothing. In camel color and in style baggy With copernicuslow waist and satin Versacewith maxi pockets in the case Stella McCartney and Balmain or even short if we’re talking about given. Not to mention companies like Diesel or Blumarine -favorites of new generations-, which presented the most avant-garde versions of this garment, turning them into flared trousers and even skirt-trousers. Either way, Emily continues to be the queen of trends both on and off the runway.

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