Carlos Robledo Puig exposed scam attempt

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Carlos Robledo Puig, known as “The Black Angel” for his tragic criminal history involving the murder of 11 people in 1972, filed an unusual complaint from Olmos Correctional Facility No. 26. This case is not about a crime, but about an attempted fraud by two women who, according to him, visited him in prison with the intention of defrauding him and preserving the inheritance.

These women, mother and daughter, acted as guarantors allowing Robledo Puch to get out of prison and live in his house. However, according to the detainee, their true goal is clear: they want him to die in order to take possession of his property, which includes two properties worth $500,000.

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The complaint was made public after a visit to the prison by San Isidro Court of Appeal First Chamber Judge Oscar Quintana and his secretary Bernardo Ermoda Lozano on 7 June. Then Robledo Puig expressed his fears: “They want to kill me and deceive me. They want to do to me what they did to Charles Manson.” As a result of this complaint, both women were removed from bail, which means that they will not be able to leave prison for the time being.

The situation led to the fact that Robledo Puig decided to fire his lawyer. In addition, it turned out that these women had previously visited Ricardo Barreda, a dentist convicted of killing his wife and daughters. According to Robledo Pooh, Barreda excluded them because he thought they were “too dumb”.

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It is important to note that Carlos Robledo Puig is the oldest prisoner in Argentina: he spent 51 years behind bars due to crimes committed between 1971 and 1972. At 71, his main goal is to get “freedom” and fit into prison. The pension center will take care of his health as he has serious health problems including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bilateral pneumonia, bowel problems and eating difficulties.

The case also shed light on the possibility that the women were complicit with a colleague of Robledo’s, who even sold pictures of “Angel” to the media without their consent. It is revealed whether these women sought to manage the Robledo succession and gain control of their assets. An investigation is also underway into the possible inheritance of Robledo’s German grandmother, which could far exceed the value of the property.

The story of Carlos Robledo Pooh remains intriguing and full of twists and turns, even after decades behind bars, and his criminal legacy continues to arouse interest and curiosity in Argentine society.

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