Catalonia increases the number of hospitalizations due to coronavirus to 440

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hospitalization coronavirus rose in Catalonia up to 440according to the latest update of the Catalonia Infection Surveillance Information System (Sivic).

During the week of July 31 to August 6, the incidence of acute respiratory infections continues to rise with a low transmission rate of 305 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which is 23,922 cases.

virus spread shows that Sars-CoV-2 is the most common with 26%, followed by rhinovirus at 12% and parainfluenza at 8.7%.

The global weekly coronavirus rate is estimated at 79, up from 99 the previous week, with the omicron variant representing nearly 100% of sequenced samples.

The number of people hospitalized with Covid-19 in conventional beds is also showing an upward trend, with 440 hospitalized, up 64 from the previous week, while ICU admissions remain stable at 13.

The report also indicates that diagnosed cases of impetigo have stabilized this week at 41 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, adding that 2,293 cases of streptococcal pharyngitis were detected, 29% of the total number of pharyngitis and 45 cases of scarlet fever.

As regards hospital emergencies for all causes, they are again within the expected levels in the 45-59 and 60-69 age groups.

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