You did not know? Mexican actress stole Timothée Chalamet’s heart before Kylie Jenner – Publimetro México

Major entertainment media dedicated their covers to the name Timothy Chalamet. The 27-year-old actor looked very cute. Kylie Jenner when they both enjoyed the Beyoncé concert. It was the first time both were seen in public kissing and hugging. With this appearance, they confirmed that the 26-year-old actor and model are in a relationship. The … Read more

Canelo Alvarez, Mike Tyson and other boxers who were also actors | VIDEO

Job Canelo Alvarez has been praised by director Michael B. Jordan himself for Creed III, the saga of the historical film Rocky, which in subsequent installments since its release in 1976 has made it debut as actors other boxers of his height Mike Tyson and others that we mention here. After thousands of adventures and … Read more

BTS’s Jungkook was caught smoking and war broke out in ARMY: why are they criticizing the idol? | jungkook smoking photos | bts

Jeon Jungkook, 26, is the youngest member of BTS. The idol is currently based in Los Angeles. Photo: composition LR/Hybe The war between BTS fans arose after photos of Jungkook smoking became public. On September 7, as the fandom counted down to Taehyung’s long-awaited solo debut, photos of Taehyung’s solo debut were posted online. “Golden … Read more

La Jornada: Toronto Film Festival opens with Miyazaki’s animated film

North America’s biggest film festival kicks off Thursday in Toronto with an international screening of what is likely the latest film from Japanese animation master Oscar winner Hayao Miyazaki as strikes continue in Hollywood. The event, which serves as the launching pad for numerous Oscar-winning films in Hollywood, was planning a series of premieres, galas … Read more

Looking forward to 2023 America’s Most Popular Brands: Ford Bronco Today

E. J. SchultzNews publisher Ad Age When Ford dealers sell a new Bronco, it’s just the beginning of the cash flow. Buyers have been known to shell out big bucks for extras like special lighting systems, bumpers and bigger tires. Ford earns an average of about $1,700 in additional accessory sales on Bronco, executives say, … Read more

Emma Stone, Natalie Portman and other actresses who changed their names (we’ve been lied to this whole time)

Get ready for the following list, because from Julianne Moore to Olivia Wilde to Winona Ryder, your favorite star’s real name might surprise you. 8 images A lot can be said with a name, especially in Hollywood. Choosing the right one can potentially make or break a career in show business. If the rising star … Read more