Exploring Amaral or why she’s showing boobs when she “doesn’t touch” still defies patriarchy

Play on the covers of erotic magazines aimed at male consumption; She also acts in porn, movies, television and advertising. In these contexts, it is imperative that a woman’s body, more specifically her breasts, be displayed, viewed and used as an attraction or hook. They do not disturb and are accepted as long as they … Read more

National Day of Mexican Cinema. What to celebrate?

Jalapa, Ver. – (AVC) The “National Day of Mexican Cinema” is celebrated every year on August 15th to highlight the presence of the national production, almost crowded with a billboard dominated by Hollywood cinema. On this day, the director of the Cineteca Nacional, Alejandro Pelayo, acknowledged on national television that the latest releases have to … Read more

Jennifer López shakes the web with a shocking video that is completely natural

Jennifer Lopez monopolized the spotlight on social networks in the last hours, because through his official Instagram profile He posted a video where he was seen quite naturally, Besides, he surprised his fans reveal one of the most closely guarded beauty secrets, Therefore, as predicted, the publication of “La Diva del Bronx” caused a great … Read more

Megan Fox announces her first book of poetry

Actress Megan Fox will make her poetry debut later this year. Fox, who is remembered for her performances in several films such as Transformers and Jennifer’s Body, will be releasing her first collection of poetry titled “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous.” The book will go on sale next November and will be published by Brooks Gallery, … Read more

Cameron Diaz has ignored Jamie Foxx since his hospitalization and has disassociated herself from the movie they starred in: ‘She’s not proud’

For both of them, it was a dream film project that against all odds took an unexpected and almost tragic turn. Cameron Diaz He agreed to return to acting after retiring at the request of one of his great friends, Jamie Foxxwho persuaded her to star in a Netflix action movie with him, Back in … Read more

Café Tacvba to be honored with the Hispanic Heritage Award in the USA

Grammy and Latin Grammy award-winning Mexican band Café Tacvba was selected for the prestigious Hispanic Heritage Awardthereby securing the status of one of the groups most influential and respected in Latin American and alternative music. Along with Café Tacvba they also announced names of Omar Apollo and Seven Family Foods as first recipients of the … Read more

Take a deep breath before seeing what Anya Taylor-Joy looked like before her surgeries

celebrities Like many other stars, Anya Taylor-Joy went through the hands of a cosmetic surgeon to improve her image. How was it before? TO Enzo Rueda 08/15/2023 – 19:43 Moscow time © Getty Images for Tiffany & Co.It was Anya Taylor-Joy before the operation. In the modern era, many celebrities and Hollywood stars have continued … Read more

Hayley Atwell steals chocolates from Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible

Her first acting job was in a potato chip commercial and her first film break came in 2007 from Woody Allen when he offered her to play actress Angela Stark in Cassandra’s Dream opposite Ewan McGregor and Collin Farrell. This debut for British actress Hayley Atwell allowed her to enter the industry, which years later … Read more