‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’ turns 20: Everything we’ve learned from Johnny Depp’s epic film

Still from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl There are very few things that stand the test of time well these days. Everything is forgotten too quickly: the movie comes out in cinemas and after a week nobody talks about it – at least until some platform brings it back – … Read more

Doja Cat returns with ‘Paint The Town Red’, her most recent song since controversy with fans – World Today News

Doja Cat has a week full of releases and news that surprised even strangers. On this day, he brings a new single under his arm, which we can already enjoy. That’s what “Paint The Town Red” sounds like, a song with a very personal brand. its creator. american himself passed the snippet to his Twitter … Read more

“The Darker is Here”: Easykid

Joaquín Palacios is considered part of a new generation of urban movement in the southern cone. In 2015, he started his trapper career in the KSWAD collective. Two years later, the artist from Antofagasta adopted the pseudonym Easykid, collaborating with artists such as Pablochill-e, Ceaesey, BigAngelo, Drefquilla, Paulo Londra, Trueno. In addition to trap, Easykid … Read more

Woman sues after Cardi B concert in Las Vegas

(CNN) — A concert goer has filed a complaint with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) after he was “struck by an object thrown from the stage,” the agency said in a statement sent to CNN this Monday. The police did not mention Cardi B in their statement, but the address listed in the … Read more

3 TOP movies to watch on HBO MAX this weekend

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a song that Karol G dedicated to Anuel A.A.

Colombian singer Carol G. released her deluxe album Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful Bihot Season and did so last Friday. Translator «TQG» paid tribute to Selena Quintanilla with “My Ex Was Right” for Musical Stylethe song clearly has allusions to the reggaeton of Anuel A.A., who was the singer’s partner in the past. To the rhythm … Read more