‘PS5 is having a better start to the generation than PS4 even in terms of exclusives’

Despite the well-known stock problems, PlayStation 5 started with a bang, quickly obtaining record sales, well above those recorded by PlayStation 4 at its launch, which took place in much more favorable climates. According to Jim Ryan, the head of PlayStation Studio, the key to the success of PS5 in these first few months has been its exclusive titles of … Read more

Does Bloodborne have a PS5 spiritual sequel in Velvet Veil?

According to some recent very insistent rumors, it seems that FromSoftware is working on a new exclusive for PlayStation 5, whose production will be activated as soon as the work on Elden Ring is completed. Quest’indiscrezione user arrives Ruancarlo Silva of Twitter, which explains, in Portuguese, that the new title would FromSoftware known by the code name Velvet Veil and should be a kind of … Read more