Ica: find fake pipes that endanger people’s health | News

The city of Ica is facing a disturbing problem that threatens people’s lives: the proliferation of counterfeit pipes that release toxic chemicals into drinking water, which was discovered during an operation that seized more than 80,000 salts worth of goods. Between hazardous substances that can be released from counterfeit pipes they find each other heavy … Read more

What are the symptoms to see a doctor?

Photo: file. Redness, sore throat, persistent fever, swollen glands, a reddish, sandpaper-like rash, and redness in the armpits These are some of the symptoms of pharyngitis and scarlet fever, two conditions that can be caused by pyogenic streptococcus, a bacterium that, if not treated in time, can cause a serious form of these diseases, from … Read more

Surgical stabilization of rib fractures in chest injuries – Articles

A new study compared the effectiveness of surgical stabilization of rib fractures with non-surgical treatment in cases of severe chest trauma. Randomized controlled trial of surgical fixation of ribs before conservative treatment in severe chest injuries Target: Compare efficiency surgical stabilization of rib fractures (SSRF) with non-surgical treatment for severe chest wall injuries. Background data … Read more

Pear: Why is this fruit a nutritional ally? | health benefits | vitamins | minerals | antioxidants | WELFARE

The pear grows in Eastern Europe and Western Asia. fruits which has been used since ancient times, as it was one of the food favorites of the Persian and English kings. For centuries, the pear has been cultivated and adapted to different parts of the world and, unlike other fruits, it has managed to capture … Read more