Putin says he has ‘nothing against’ Ukraine joining the EU

Russia has “nothing against” Ukraine’s eventual accession to the European Union (EU), Russian President Vladimir Putin assured on Friday, after the European Commission recommended granting candidate status to Ukraine, in the midst of the offensive. Russian military. “We have nothing against it, joining economic unions is a sovereign decision (…). …

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Boy writes letter and apologizes for stealing Kinder Egg in Italy

Boy apologized for stealing Kinder Egg Photo: Reproduction/Facebook/Danilo Chiaruzzi A 12-year-old Swiss boy sent an apology to an owner of an establishment in the Republic of San Marino, an enclave of less than 35,000 inhabitants located in northern Italy, for stealing a Kinder Ovo chocolate. “I received a registered letter …

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After killing and returning to trample a woman at a funeral, an elephant would have called a herd to destroy the victim’s house and village; see the images

Earlier this month, a rather unexpected piece of news caught attention: that of an elephant that had killed a 70-year-old woman in eastern India, and then returned to her funeral to trample the corpse. Now, new details have been revealed by OpIndia newspaper. According to the vehicle, after interrupting the …

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