why scientists want to rename telescope?

The James Webb telescope, considered a successor to Hubble in space observation missions, this week revealed its first images of deep space. After 20 years of collaborative preparation between NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Aerospace Agency, this name has quickly become synonymous with scientific ecstasy, as it …

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What is tethering? – Canaltech

The term tethering has become a common expression for those who use computers and cell phones to access the Internet. However, this practice still causes doubts in users. So, Canaltech explains how this way of sharing mobile data with other devices works. After all, what is tethering? Tethering is the …

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WhatsApp’s New Feature Will Let Users Go “Invisible”

The ”Last Seen” setting bothered people because it showed exactly the last time they accessed the Whatsapp, showing friends and family if messages were ignored. When this status started to be removed, many celebrated, for the guarantee of privacy. By leaving the warning off, inconveniences can be avoided, such as …

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