How to recover deleted photos and videos on WhatsApp?

Did you accidentally delete photos or videos from WhatsApp and want to recover them? Check here how to recover your files! It happens time and again that we accidentally delete photos and videos from WhatsApp, or even delete them on our own and later regret the decision. However, although it …

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with Dell, mass layoffs add up to 100,000 people

Dell, the computer giant, announced today (6) that it will cut 6,650 employees, or 5% of its global workforce. It is yet another big tech announcing a mass layoff, at a time of falling sales and economic recession in the United States. In total, big techs have already cut at …

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C6 fires, but swears he will hire

C6 Bank is yet another fintech to be dismissed to face the year 2023. The company has not confirmed the number, but internally employees speak of 500 dismissed – 12% of the staff. C6 said in a note that it has 400 open positions and, in total, it will hire …

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