CDs: Rob Zombie – “Hellbilly Deluxe: 13 Stories of Corpse Racing Inside Spookshow International” (1998)


His first creepy adventure as a soloist


TO: Alejandro Bonilla Carvajal

White Zombie was one of the most impressive and entertaining offerings of the nineties. With an unusual aesthetic, a powerful sound and a couple of amazing albums released this decade – “La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume One” and “Astro-Creep: 2000” – it seemed that they were going to stun everyone by becoming one of the best. metal action. . However, its vocalist and leader Rob Zombie was not satisfied with the internal position of the group and decided to make it clear that he was the main force. If before that there were any doubts, then this first entry is a manifesto of his claims.

What the White Zombie achieved was very important. A New York underground band that, by turning to the use of low-budget horror films in their image and samplers, as well as a groove metal sound with some electronic overtones, became a sensation on the defunct MTV video channel. The moment Rob Zombie decides to take the route on his own, he capitalizes on it all; This album sold over three million copies in the US and was certified triple platinum.

“Hellbilly Deluxe…” doesn’t deviate much from what Zombie did with his previous band. Crushing chords, industrial experiments and film samples from the grave continued to delight their fans. Rob wrote all thirteen songs, but he was accompanied by very good musicians to make a solid debut.

So the studio was supported by guitarists Riggs and Danny Lohner, bassist Blasco and drummer John Tempesta. Musicians with experience in established bands such as Prong, Nine Inch Nails, Danzig and the latter have already accompanied Zombie in White Zombie. A curious guest is drummer Tommy Lee (Mötley Crüe), who recorded two songs here shortly after he was released from prison for abusing his then-wife Pamela Anderson.

Point entry. Continuing the ominous wave that gave the name to this artist, also known for his film directing. From the moment you hear the power of “Superbeast” you will know that it follows a frenetic wave of little electronic touches and dance spirit. “Dragula” is an explosive song that just got better. How to forget his video clip, where Rob is driving at full speed with the devil in an old car. For its part, “Living Dead Girl” shows a more sensual sound with a very effective chorus. These three songs became singles and brought “Hellbilly Deluxe…” to the charts.

The instrumental passage “Perversion 99” sounds as dark as it is meaningful. The songs “Demonoid Phenomenon” and “Spookshow Baby” stubbornly feature riffs with a very energetic Zombie. “How To Make a Monster” sounds low and less structured, I guess to give it low-grade caliber in under two minutes of running time.

One song that is somewhat different in form is “The Ballad of Resurrection Joe and Rosa Whore”, which seems computerized and very much in line with the “boom” of industrial rock in the second half of the 1990s. Similarly, we find “Return of the Phantom Stranger”, which is also accompanied by many effects and a somewhat more melodic Zombie in his interpretation.

With a quarter-century history, this production still sounds fresh, entertaining, and loud enough to scare the neighbors. It’s no secret that on his latest albums Rob Zombie wasn’t as enthusiastic and already quite predictable. But here, with great enthusiasm, he embarked on a revelry of corpses, fears and dying sensual women. Hellish owner.

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