“Celebrities” from China, Japan and India tend to produce their tequila brands in Jalisco.

The influence of George Clooney, an American actor and film director, has made celebrities from China, Japan, Indonesia and India look for tequila to be produced in Jalisco to launch their own brands, and some even want to invest in manufacturing plants. this iconic drink of Mexico.

“We often have businessmen from different parts of the world come to visit us, for example, this year we had visitors from Japan, the Philippines, China and Indonesia who are exploring locations for opening a tequila distillery in Jalisco,” says Luis Roberto Arechederra. Pacheco, head of the Minister of Economic Development (Sedeco) of Jalisco.

According to him, the goal of famous visitors and personalities is to get them to put on makeup and put their own brand on tequila bottles. Forbes Mexico.

The easiest route for visitors from Asia is for the tequila factories themselves to receive orders and then ship them, official figures.

“There is someone (famous) who is a little more passionate about this topic and wants to open his own factory, but in fact maquila (tequila) grows in Jalisco, because the name of origin (is) only for the regions of Mexico, (and they strive) to make it so that it contains the denomination,” he clarifies.

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According to the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), tequila exports increased by more than 10.6% from January to May 2023 after the drink was sold in the US and other countries worth more than $1.904 billion.

The sale of tequila is the third largest for Mexican agricultural producers, with more than $2.346 million worth of beer sold overseas and more than $1.953 million worth of berries sold, the central bank said.

Craft beer, tequila, berries, tomatoes and more recently avocados are drinks and food produced in Jalisco.

Tequila registers sales growth of 20% per year: “I believe that we are still seeing the tip of the iceberg, and I am fully confident that it will continue to show big numbers,” says the head of Sedeco de Jalisco.

Here’s How Tequila Attracts Celebrities

“(Tequila associated with famous brands) is a phenomenon that was born with the Casa Amigos tequila owned by George Clooney, who sold it for over a billion dollars,” he says.

Within a few years, a phenomenon arose where various artists were associated with the Jalisco tequila industry to promote and launch their own brand of tequila in the United States market, according to a government official.

The influence of celebrities such as George Clooney, basketball player Michael Jordan and Kendall Nicole Jenner, businesswoman and member of the Kardashian family, etc. celebrities The Americans led tequila to go “from a canteen drink and of lower quality” to “a tequila that is drunk like cognac,” he adds.

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Today, there is a different appreciation for the drink produced in the valleys and highlands of Jalisco, which is why “these artists, who are a brand in the United States, are enjoying the wave of tequila,” he states.

In the same way that tequila associated with famous brands is causing a boom among Hollywood actors and millionaires in the United States, this will also be seen in the future with “mezcal and with other denominations of origin that we have in Jalisco, such as raicilla” Arechederra predicts. , Pacheco.

Jalisco’s economic development minister says they don’t have a count of the amount of tequila produced at a celebrity facility in the United States.

“Yes, there are quite a few brands, especially many brands that sound like famous artists, but there are not only American artists, we already have information that people in Indonesia want to bring their tequila brands, famous people from outside of China, some people from India itself,” he says.

Brand name tequilas are part of a highly publicized phenomenon on social media and because of their proximity to the United States, “but it’s happening in a lot of places, including Latin America,” he adds.

According to him, tequila is the flagship drink for Jalisco and Mexico, which contributes to the development of tourism and investment on a global scale.

“When we have business connections, the way to break the ice is to always comment that if they want to drink some tequila or something, as well as recommend what tequila to drink,” says Arechederra Pacheco.

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