Celebrities inaugurate the champagne carpet of the gala with a shower of glitter

The Propya Awards 2023 edition arrive, the award that arises as an occasion to celebrate and honor the enormous contribution to musical culture with a Paraguayan stamp. The event will take place at Paseo Galería on March 7, 2023.

This is the most anticipated recognition for the minds behind the magic of each national composition, who were chosen by their own fellow producers and the 40 finalists for this second installment have already been announced.

The awards Propya Awards They will be an institution to the Paraguayan culture creating identity and patriotism. Currently, the award has 14 award categories, of which 2 are elected by the board of directors and the rest by the public. The ceremony is live, with the winners revealed by a notary public.

The show features 5 performances by the most relevant Paraguayan bands of the moment, and with surprise appearances and stellar moments by many local artists and musicians. In addition to a heart-stopping red carpet.

The winners will be chosen by popular vote that is open to the entire Paraguayan public. Voting is enabled from February 1 to March 1 at 11:59 p.m. at www.propyawards.com. The first thousand people to cast their vote win a ticket to the show, where the winners will be announced live.


In this edition, the trajectory will be awarded, by election of the Board of Directors, to individuals who, during their careers in music, technology, and the music industry in general, have made significant contributions.

The Producer of the Year will also be chosen, this category is intended to reward the producer of the national phonogram with the most gigs in public media in the period established for this edition of the Propya Awards.

The producer and the artist will be rewarded. It is not subject to the voting process but to the effective verification of hits according to the current SGP Regulation.

The SGP is a non-profit civil association, which represents phonographic producers (record companies, independent and self-managed producers), and Performing Artists managing their rights of public communication and radio broadcasting throughout the country.


Artist of the Year

Jasmine from Paraguay – Yvu Productions

El Princi and Juan Cancio Barreto – InOut Music

The Angel Antonio – EA Maldonado Productions

Juanchi Alvarez – OGA Productions

song of the year

Guarani Harp – Ismael Ledesma – Blue Music

Iron Heart – Salamander – Salamandra Productions

Alto Sueño – Kchiporros, Milk Shake, Soft Box ft. Tierra Adentro, Nestorlo, Kaese – 4K Music

Album of the year

The Most Beautiful Music in the World 2 – Sergio Cuquejo – Blue Caps

Iron Heart – Salamander – Salamandra Productions

Guarani Harp – Ismael Ledesma – Blue Music

Best Urban Song

Soy De Barrio – El Princi y Juan Cancio Barreto – InOut Music

Beer Dance – CHAPA C – eMefpi Music

HALLOWEEN – ZIMOS – Paloid Music

Best National Folklore Song

Aju Nderendape (Serenade) – Purahei Soul – PURAHEI SOUL

Ñemboki – Jasmine from Paraguay – Yvu Producciones

Pitogue – Urban Bohemia – Jaime Zacher Productions

Best Pop Song

Where Is Love – Jose Viera y Jazmin Del Paraguay – InOut Music

In The Streets – Kchiporros – 4K Music

Bye, I’m back with her – BETHLEHEM – Bip Musik SA

Maria – Ivan Zavala – Plaza Siberia Records

Best Rock Song

Crazy Day – LaNuestra – LaNuestra Productions

Awakening the Force – ALTAMIRANO, Rolfi Gómez, YxYx – DLOPERRO Productions


Best Alternative Song

I can’t stop anymore (Remix) – Paiko, Poly Fiction – Jorge Caballero

Gotero – El Culto Casero – Paloid Music

MESSIAS – NDAVARU feat. Alejandro Favian – Ndavaru Productions

Best Romantic/Melodic Song

It woke up raining (Amanheceu chovendo) – Edgar Camarasa ft Raça Negra – Camarasa Producciones


Meeting of Souls – NDAVARU – Ndavaru Productions

Best Heavy Rock/Punk Song

Nothing to do – Outcast – Outcast

Vanilla – Offline – Okape Music

Signs – The Margin Of Error – Siamoniente Productions

Best Tropical Song

What we build – Aye Alfonso and Miguelito Quintana – Quintana promusic

Ay Mi Corazon – Rumberos, Japiaguar, Mama Santa, Qmbia Juan – Paraguay Music

When I Miss You – Japiaguar – Paraguay Music

Best Music Video


Aju Nderendape (Serenade) – Purahei Soul – PURAHEI SOUL

La Senorita – LaNuestra – LaNuestra Productions

Where Is Love – Jose Viera y Jazmin Del Paraguay – InOut Music

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