“celebrity”, glitter, candy and “hits” for posting on Instagram

Designed by and for millennials and Gen Z, the event has revolutionized the way young people go to parties. Every Wednesday, the people of Barcelona sell out tickets for Brash party V apollo room. A traveling event around the world that often sees “influencers” and celebrities on stage – for example, not so long ago, Rosalia and Rauv Alejandro showed their love there – ideal for create content on Instagram and TikTok in every corner all night (in short, posturing).

La Breche is the place where dress code disappear, the disco ceases to be a dark place to be filled colorit’s okay to meet candies in every corner and shine-shine He is a great main character. Girls no longer wear dresses and heels, and boys keep shirts. urban aesthetics, festival outfits And sneakers They get away from all the restrictions that exist in many nightclubs, which prohibit their customers from entering based on their image.

more than a party

This Wednesday, August 9, was no different in Apolo Hall. The event put up the “Sold Out” sign again a few days before it took place. After waiting in a long line, candy and stickers They welcomed young people, the vast majority of whom were in their twenties, eager to party. Once inside, cotton candy and two tents, one with shine and brilliance to beautify the face and body, and the other with ‘photocall‘ to show ‘outfit’ selection. Around 4 am, panic among diabetics, more sugar in the hall: boxes full of frozen “polynons” for all tastes, drove around the disco and refreshed those present. Its motto is “The most beautiful party” due to the colorful decoration of flowers and cherry trees; what is clear is that this is the sweetest party ever.

Some youngsters took the front rows all night to have a privileged view of everything that was happening on the stage and at the right moment to take the camera to get a viral video for TikTok. And that’s what parties usually suffer from Famous -actress Esther Exposito danced there recently- and you can often find artists of the level Aytana, Tini Stoessel, Sebastian Yatra, Quevedo and Bizarrap next to the DJ. However, on this Wednesday in Barcelona, ​​it seems that famous people are on vacation in a distant country, and only one “influencer” – of relative influence – and some participant in the “reality show” “Temptation Island” danced on stage. ‘-short projection-.

Made in Argentina

The party was organized seven years ago in Argentina “a bit of a coincidence,” explains Pablo Monti, Creative Director and DJ Bresh, before the event kicks off this Wednesday at Apolo. A group of friends decided to get together and put on a show full of current and past hits, not just reggaeton, and to make room for Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Daddy Yankee, Don Omar and Bizarrap in the same space. All current and past “great songs” in a place full of brightness and color. It was the formula.

“The world of night has always been associated with darkness. When we went to a party, we just wanted to have a good time, but when you left the club, you often faced fights and violence. Our idea was to bring the safety of a party to your house with friends in nightclubs,” comments Monty. “Instead of being dark, it has become a pink place. We spray perfume in bathrooms, decorate people with glitter, and when you come in, someone smiles at you and gives you candy.“, reveals.

artistic meeting

La Breche has also become a place artistic community meeting in general, where singers, actors, “influencers” and photographers, among others, can meet in the same space to exchange their problems. “In Argentina it hit really hard and artists like Duki, Nicki Nicole, Tini, Paulo Londra, Thiago PZK and Bizarrap grew with us. We realized that was the opening for this party World“, clarifies the creative director. He is currently present in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Ibiza and Gran Canaria, as well as in many other countries.

After using the Bresh brand with social media content during the lockdown, the party took the leap and found its first home in Spain at the Apolo hall in Barcelona. The festival has been held every Wednesday for a year and a half. now they are waiting stay in a catalan disco for the next few seasons and explore more massive capacity on weekends, like the event they put on for 5,000 people at Poble Espanyol last Saturday, August 5th, something that could become routine.

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