Celebrity podcasts that should be on your radar

Did you know you can listen to yours your favorite celebrities on your podcasts? WITH fashion, interviews with others Famous until lifestyle tips and spaces personal reflectionhere are 6 celebrity-hosted podcasts to add to your playlist.

These podcasts are what you need to accompany you in the morning, at work, to liven up time in traffic or just to enjoy your free time.

celebrity podcasts

These celebrity podcasts are the perfect companion

At your service – Dua Lipa

You can listen to it on: Spotify

In his podcast, Dua Lipa He shares a little more about himself personal lifestyle. He tells about his own books favorite, new placess what to visit, its hits, Fails AND obstacles. Moreover, there are many of them guests With various industries (from fashion to entertainment) comor Elton John, Bowen Yang, Oliver Rousteingamong others, who are conducting the conversation even more interesting.

Tall short – Em Rat

You can listen to it on: Spotify

in a rat was not left behind podcastmania and started Tall short WITH Sony Music Entertainment. The model deals with topics from pop culture, feminism, culture and discover different aspects of the relationship. He had several special guests, incl Troye Sivan, Julia Foxx, Bella Thorne, Iggy Azalea and Mia Khalifa.

Squeeze – Taylor Lautner and Taylor Lautner

You can listen to it on: Apple Podcasts or Spotify

one of ours favorite couples, Taylor Lautner they have their own podcast together. With such a philosophy “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”the couple decided to dedicate this space for mental health and taking care of health: self-care. There are several of his guests Famous who shared their eexperience in the industry and how it influenced their way of thinking.

Everything goes – Emma Chamberlain

You can listen to it on: Spotify

Emma Chamberlain gives us a view Additionally mind By Everything goes. This is one of the podcasts most popular celebrities. Talk about fashion, sanity AND feelings. In some episodes Emma is the only one responsible talk from start to finish and we love the so-called reflections on one’s own life.

The best podcast of all time – Raven Symone and Miranda Maday

You can listen to it on: Spotify

Lto the former star With Disney Channel In association with iHeart Radioshare your podcast wife Where every week They have a special guest. Thanks to Raven and Miranda openingthis podcast served as safe space to various other celebrities, mostly from the community LGBT+ and I did great confessions.

crushed – Penn Bagdley

You can listen to it on: Apple Podcasts or Spotify

from his days as Dan Humphrey IN gossip Girl, Penn Bagdley He always had something to say. In his podcast, crushedactor talks about himself experience (and your guests) in high school. Remember these with them embarrassing momentsstories about heartbreak and it’s hard to grow

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