Chelsea turn position to get rid of Romelu Lukaku…and Barcelona enter the scene

Romelu Lukaku is not part of Chelsea’s plans for the 2023-2024 season that has already begun. Back on loan at Inter Milan, the 30-year-old Belgian striker has been the subject of many reports of a possible change of scenery that has yet to occur.

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There has been talk for a long time about a possible move to Juventus in Turin. So much so that there were even rumors that the Belgian was involved in the exchange, which also involved Dusan Vlahovic. However, it finally disappeared a few days ago.

Robert Pires blames Neymar

Chelsea open door to loan deal

In view of Due to the lack of proposals for the final sale of the player, Chelsea changed their mind on their requirements. And that’s what Athletic emphasizes that box Stamford Bridge Now he has opened the door to the possibility that the striker will pack his bags through a loan to a team that is willing to pay his token.

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From this new point of view, according to DiMarzio, new opportunities may open up for a football player. it will pass from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain (in case the landing of Colo Muani is not indicated), passing through other teams such as Roma. Topic to follow.

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