Christian Domínguez confessed that Pamela Franco is looking for her wedding dress: “She is seeing the trends”

Carlos Cacho was a guest on set america today. The stylist talked about the wedding of Isabel Acevedo and Rodney Rodríguez, although christian dominguez He ended up stealing the spotlight for his confession. The singer revealed that Pamela Franco is looking for his dress of bride.

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Christian Domínguez was on his son’s first day of school

the actor of sissy 2 was seen with Karla Tarazona and his son. Both accompanied his little one on his first day of school, leaving their dispute behind for the good of the minor.

“Valentino has already passed to the second grade of primary school and we accompanied him on his first day of school. With Christian there is a good cordial and healthy relationship of parents. My son is the happiest and enjoys himself, so all I care about is seeing him well and stable. In the end, when there is a cordial relationship between parents, the children are the happiest,” said the host of turn on.

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Pamela is looking for her wedding dress

Christian Dominguez confessed that his current spouse, Pamela Franco, is looking for her wedding dress when Carlos Cacho He referred to the garment that Isabel Acevedo wore in her marriage. “I have Carlos’s advice, always in black. I’m going to get married in black,” said the cumbiambero.

After hearing his colleague’s words, Janet Barboza was surprised and asked again if it was true that Pamela Franco I was looking for her dress bride. “Just yesterday we were looking at the trends of dress with Pamela. What’s more, we’ve seen one that we’ve never seen before,” replied the artist.

Finally, Domínguez commented the following regarding their separation: “Excuse me for the divorce That’s it, I’m just waiting for the ID. That’s it”.

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