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After the successful passage of the American pop idol Christina Aguilera at the Viña Festival, there was a group of fans, they did not have such a good time at the show after learning that the locations they had bought were changed by the production company, Bizarro .

In conversation with Radio Bío Bío, Leandro Villagrán a follower of the artistHe reported that he found out via e-mail that the tickets he bought were modified at the last minute, where his seats were “unilaterally” and “arbitrarily” reassigned.

“It was an arbitrary, unilateral decision, they did not give you any solution other than accepting what they were proposing or asking for the money back.I did not reply to that email. Today I arrive at the Fifth and I realize that I was reassigned to a very different entrance than the one I had. I had row 1, and I have all 12“, he declared to the microphones of La Radio.

According to Christina Aguilera’s fan, in the email received, the production company informed them that if they accepted the conditions 24 hours before the show, the new location would be revealed, “but since I did not confirm that email and I had my ticket nominated with the original location , I said: “I am going to arrive with this ticket to the Fifth and I am going to demand the location that I bought”, but Today I realize that a new ticket arrived in my Puntoticket account and it had a very different new assignment and much further back than what I bought”added Villagran.

Given this, the follower of the interpreter of Your Body He explained that “the closest is row 5, it’s like row 1” since the previous ones are reserved for the jury and guests of the municipality.

“I don’t know what it is, now I’m going to go in and find out, I’m still going to demand that my original location be respected or with my group of friends we’re going to file a lawsuit”he added categorically.

Another affected Christina Aguilera fan is Renato Galvéz, who explained that the locations they had bought corresponded to the “first row of paco left, which is where the catwalk is, so we were convinced that we were going to see the show in the very first row and next to the catwalk, which is where the closest singer from the public passes by”, however, this did not happen.

“With that condition we agreed to buy the ticket in the front row at a value of 287,500 pesoshowever, Bizarro infringing the Consumer Law, Just like in the Daddy Yankee concert, he says again that he is going to make a change of location that I can accept or choose a refundbut they do not report the new location,” he explained.

To which he added: “If I knew at the time of purchase that it was going to be row 12 and not row 1, clearly I would not have spent 287,500 pesos on a show that I will not be able to see in the front row”.

“We will take the corresponding actions not only before Sernac, but also before the local police courtGalvez said.

The fan of the American pop idol added that they submitted a request through puntoticket to Bizarro to find out before accepting the seat change or refund, what the location would be, which was not answered, he says.

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