Christopher Nolan finally clears up how to understand his last scene

It’s July 20th Christopher Nolan released his latest work to cinemas, ‘Oppenheimer‘. With an all-star cast, director of hits like “The Dark Knight‘(2008)’Source‘(2010)’interstellar‘ (2014) or ‘Dunkirk‘ (2017) returns after ‘Dogma‘ (2021) with one of the most anticipated films of the year. Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Florence Pugh or Robert Downey Jr. complete the cast under the direction of Cillian Murphy, who has collaborated with the director on previous projects. Among them, “Origin”, the end of which is again explained Nolan himself.


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Spinning top ambiguity

This isn’t the first time Christopher Nolan has had to explain his own films. Often characterized by a psychological or intellectual dimension, the director’s stories create a wonderful environment for his audience to discuss. Specific, end of “Origin”. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio (“Titanic”, “Shutter Island”) next to Joseph Gordon Levitt (“10 Reasons to Hate You”, “(500) Days Together”), the film explores the boundaries between dream and reality with a result that stunned half the world. And that’s what thirteen years after its release, more and more questions arise. about the meaning of this top.


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After a decade of debating whether Cobb (DiCaprio’s character) is awake or asleep, Nolan was forced to stop this brawl between moviegoers. Talking to the podcast ‘Happy, sad, confused‘, the director argues that there is no real conclusion to this debate: Cobb doesn’t care. “I went through a stage where I was often asked about this,” Nolan said when talking about the ending of Inception. “I think Emma Thomas (producer) pointed to the correct answer, which is the character of Leo… The thing is, the character doesn’t care. This is not a question that I can safely answer.“.

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Nolan responds to those who don’t understand

The director also stated in an interview Wiredthat “there is a nihilistic vision of this ending, right? But, at the same time, she is gone and is with her children. Ambiguity is not emotional ambiguity. It’s intellectual for the audience“. What matters to Nolan is what is at the heart of the story, because Cobb was so full that he didn’t even bother to check to see if the top was still spinning..

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From my side, Michael Caine, as part of the Origins cast, was also baffled by the story. A few years ago, he shared in a magazine Time What “when i got the script i was a bit confused. And I said (to Nolan), “I don’t understand where the dream is. When is the dream and when is the reality?He replied, “Well, when you’re on stage, it’s real. If I’m not on it, it’s a dream.” By the end we can sense that it might not be the case though the debate will always be open, no matter how much Nolan explains it to us. Come on, let’s not think about it anymore (literally).

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