Cillian Murphy called sex in “Oppenheimer” vital

Oppenheimer has been heavily criticized for its portrayal of female characters. The truth is that Christopher Nolan was never good at portraying women on screen, so in this movie he seems to have insisted on fixing that. The appearances of Emily Blunt and Florence Pugh were promising, and their importance in the Oppenheimer biopic was highlighted in promotions. Both talked about one of the best roles of their careers, and there were those who, without seeing it, put them in the race for an Oscar. After seeing the film, Emily Blunt’s character full of character was revealed to be the classic vase woman, and Pugh’s was reduced to two sex scenes and a nude scene (free, according to some).

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But beyond the good hand of Christopher Nolan, when it comes to portraying female characters on screen, the discussion is already going elsewhere. After all, it was an Oppenheimer film. Aside from the fact that the promotion promised something that wasn’t actually there, what’s important is that the protagonist’s story works. After all, Cillian Murphy is the center of every frame in the film. The actor spoke to GQ Uk to defend the importance of these scenes and, incidentally, to say that no one takes pleasure in captioning them:

I think they are vital in this film. In addition, his relationship with Jean Tetlock is one of the most important emotional parts of the film. I really think that if they are the key to the story then they are worth it. Look, no one likes to do them (sex and nude scenes), this is the most inconvenient part of our job. But sometimes you have to move on.

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Nolan, who in promoting the film had already promoted Pugh and Murphy nudes with some publicity but also to justify the film’s R rating, also defended its importance on Insider:

When you look at Oppenheimer’s life and history, that aspect of his life, that aspect of his sexuality, the way he treated women, the charm that he exuded, is an integral part of his story. I felt it was very important to understand their relationship, to really look into it and understand what makes them move, without being shy or hinting at it, but trying to be intimate, trying to be close to him and fully understand the relationship that was so are important. for him.

Nolan continues to be an exciting director, able to give everything an almost flying pace, to make everything feel wonderful and unique. However, he needs to work more on “trying to be intimate”. It is not yet known when Nolan will accurately portray romantic or sexual relationships.

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