Clara Chia counterattacks in response to her darts performance against Gerard Piqué.

It’s no secret to anyone that Clara Chia Marty He didn’t show his face about the songs Shakiraher ex-boyfriend, ex-footballer Gerard Piqué. Well, at least that’s what’s known.

It has been over a year since the Colombians and Spaniards officially announced their separation, and the issue and its implications are still being debated.

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There were several songs from the barranquillera in which she throws darts at the Peak, for all the awkward situations that made her live 12 years.

Clara Chia left outIt seems so, of all her boyfriend’s problems, but the media is speculating with various notes.

supposed letter

Shakira collaborated with rapper strange to make a catchy song in which he “clearly” criticizes his ex Gerard Pique, but he is not the only person who has been veiled in this song, as well as his current girlfriend Clara Chia, especially when the singer says “clearly” towards a young woman, “Sport de Barcelona newspaper warns.

What if the ex-player’s girlfriend answered the letter? Well, Maria Verdoy decided to recreate the lyrics of the same song as if it were written by Clara Chia herself. The Fiesta team recreated it as follows.


Sorry, I already caught a different mood

Yes I can’t, I don’t want another song

I’m in the process of adapting

And when I was done, you left through the balcony

Sorry, Shaky, pay attention, I haven’t bought a Casio for a long time.

If a wolf like you is not for beginners

A kid like me can’t handle your attitude anymore.

oh oh oh oh

I feel the magnitude, uh, uh, uh

He plays in a different league, that’s why he’s with Clara Chia

ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

We both love jam, but it’s out of date

I never mess with you even if you sing to me or dedicate yourself to me

I didn’t know it was so inspiring for you

Sorry, Piqué and I are a fashionable couple

You left us with a witch in sight, magazine covers and a song on the charts

The business you’ve done with all this rift, your waka waka don’t make you profit and with me you make the bill

You have a reputation as a good singer

And this letter will be your condemnation

Don’t call me, that’s not how you draw me

I’m getting tired and I can’t stand your attitude anymore.

oh oh oh oh

oh oh oh oh

If you pay into the treasury, you will be left with nothing,

Shaki, come on, come on STATE

Next to you I am pure elegance

And the Twingo thing is a delusion

I tell you honestly

Put the rivalry aside

i have a terrible time

And they don’t know what to invent anymore

with a billboard

I’m about to speed up, oh what a beat

oh so many songs

But a little work on jealousy

Photos where they see me

I feel like a hostage

everything is fine for me

Piqué laughs

And I have no choice but to laugh with him

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