Cleaning on the streets, are there fines for those who dirty?

The habit of urinating in public is frowned upon and anyone commenting on it could be subject to sanctions by the authorities, explained Panama City Hall compliance officer Jesús Fuentes.

“Law No. 30 of 2000 establishes that mayors, corrigidors (magistrates of the peace) and governors have the power to impose a fine of up to B/. 500.00 to persons who fulfill their physiological needs (urinate or defecate) in public places,” he specified.

He added that at the level of his municipality, complaints about these actions are filed through line 311 and the Department of Citizens.

“Among those who will be affected the most are those who leave commercial premises after drinking alcohol and the homeless,” Fuentes said.

According to the official, the specified norm also states that all offenders are required to clean the dirty place; this applies primarily if the person is low-income.

According to sources, the most complaints in connection with these actions come from the areas of Plaza May 5, Avenida Cuba and Avenida Israel.

“The mayor’s office monitors the improvement and cleanliness, does everything possible to ensure compliance with this law,” he said.

health problems

Alfredo Molto, medical adviser to the Ministry of Health, explained that the gastrointestinal system is home to a large number of bacteria that are excreted in feces or urine.

He argued that: “These liquids should be disposed of in places where they do not contaminate objects, as well as the ground, food or water sources, as they can be a means of spreading any disease.”

He emphasized that the risk is the same, regardless of social level. “There are people with good socioeconomic status but poor health education.”

Some bacterial diseases transmitted through human excrement: Salmonella shigella (gastroenteritis), cholera and typhoid fever.

It was worrying that all those who do not have good hygiene habits and children who, out of curiosity, touch all surfaces with their hands, are vulnerable.

For his part, infectious disease doctor Guillermo Kennion urged to constantly wash or disinfect your hands if you are on public roads.

They receive the most complaints in connection with these actions in the areas of Plaza 5 May, Avenida Cuba and Avenida Israel.

Complaints of this type are filed with the Panama City Hall by calling 311.

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