Coahuila attorney’s agent beats and robs a blacksmith in front of his daughter

In another case of police brutality, a police officer The prosecutor’s office of Coahuila beat and robbed a blacksmith in front of her daughter, who suffers from epilepsy.

The video shows the moment when the element Public Prosecutor’s Office of Coahuila struck him with a series of blows, and later robbed blacksmith in Coahuila for taking a drug.

The establishment’s security camera captured a Coahuila prosecutor’s agent wearing a Criminal Investigation Agency uniform beating a blacksmith named Oswaldo Garza Covarrubias.

Police Violence: Herrero is beaten by an agent from the Coahuila Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The events took place in the Loma Linda area of ​​Saltillo when agents The public prosecutor’s office in Coahuila would handcuff and expose the blacksmith.

The images show that despite the fact that the working offered no resistance, the agent beat him under the pretext that he had drugs.

After a few seconds, the blacksmith explains that the drugs found in his case were medicinal, but the authority continues to hit him.

While the officer is beating the blacksmith, the latter asks him to stop beating him, as his epileptic daughter was present and the scene could have caused her death. However, the agent ignores him and continues the beating.

When another agent came Public Prosecutor’s Office of Coahuilaboth deprive the worker of his money for an approximate amount of 25,000 pesos.

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Coahuila prosecutors wanted to bribe blacksmith, lawyer accuses him

Lawyer blacksmith it turned out that agent belonging prosecution from Coahuila asked for a bribe in exchange for not arresting his client because he threatened accuse him of selling drugs.

According to the legal representative, this happened after the agents They found the blacksmith was on drugs and they tried to take advantage of this to ask for a “snack”.

However, not agreeing, the uniformed officers decided to beat him up and threatened to arrest him for drug dealing.

So far, the prosecutor’s office of Coahuila did not express any position on these facts.

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